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Barry Gilbert

Guitarist BARRY GILBERT is an American entrepreneur who has been living in Prague since 1996, when he came to the Czech Republic for work. Though Barry keeps busy running his own company and travelling throughout Europe for business, he somehow finds the time and energy to play and write songs in the band¹s cave studio in Prague 8. Originally from Utah, Barry has been in various bands most notably late 1980s hard-rock outfit Sticky Victim since he was a teenager.

Brian Reagan

Drummer BRIAN REAGAN is a native of Boston, whose musical scene he graced by playing in acid rock outfit Mystic Drop and progressive rock band Vitamin K. Following his arrival in the Czech Republic in early 1995, Brian spent half a decade with blues rock artists King Bee. He also made guest appearances live and on TV with Stan the Man, Spyder and The Band of Jakeys.  Indulging almost completely in music, for which most of his compensation was free beer, he barely recalls running an entrepreneurial telecom company.

Eric Volkman

ERIC VOLKMAN, originally from New York, has been living in Prague since 1994. Besides making music, jack-of-some-trades Eric has worked as a magazine and newspaper editor, a freelance writer, a radio newscaster and an investment banker. He has also written a pair of film screenplays that no one has yet showed an interest in. Despite the activity, Eric admits to actually being quite lazy. He has played bass guitar since the age of 15, and his first band was the early 1990s New York hardcore group Goon Squad.




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